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CAD Venue Policies

Retainer Fee

Renter understands that a non-refundable retainer fee of $400 is needed to secure event date.
This fee should be paid immediately upon receipt of invoice.
This fee will be applied towards balance of venue rental.

Incidental Deposit 

Renter agrees to a $350 incidental security deposit for damages, which will be returned to the Renter upon settlement, minus any amounts deemed necessary to repair damages inflicted upon the venue by the Renter and/or Renter's associates, guests, invitees, vendors, and all other persons who enter the venue during the rental period, whether or not such persons did so with Renter's knowledge or consent.

The incidental deposit is due 48 hours before the scheduled event date and is non-negotiable. If not received, access to the venue will be denied and no refunds will be given.

This incidental deposit is a separate transaction from the booking retainer. The incidental deposit is intended to cover damages to the property and/or Owner's inventory, missing items, smoking fee, and professional cleaning (if needed). The incidental deposit will be held until the venue is thoroughly inspected. The owner will communicate any damage charges that are to be charged. If the inspection comes back clear and the Owner has no reason to charge the Renter, the full incidental deposit will be returned within 3 business days.

Alcohol/Liquor and Catering 

Outside food and beverage are allowed. However the renter accepts all liability and responsibility for all items served and consumed by their guests, associates, vendors, and invitees.

Alcohol/liquor is not allowed in the venue, unless provided and served by a licensed and insured bartender. If a bartender will be onsite, all documentation must be received and given to owner no later than 48 hours before the event date. Failure to provide documentation and it is found that alcohol/liquor was served on the premises will result in a $250 fine, which will be deducted from incidental deposit.

Renter accepts all liability and responsibility for themselves and all persons in attendance of their event. Please drink responsibly.

Date Changes, Cancellations, and Force Majeure 

Should the Renter request a date change after contract signed, The Owner will make a reasonable effort to accommodate the new date depending upon the availability of the venue. The Owner will allow up to 1 reschedule/date change at no additional charge. If an additional change is needed the Renter will be charged a $200 change fee to reschedule event.

In the event of a cancellation, the Renter should notify the Owner, no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Any payments made up to the point of cancellation will not be refunded and considered the property of the Owner. Should the event be canceled after the deadline, the Owner may collect the full fee owed, including any applicable interest that may arise, charged to the payment on file.

Renter understands and agrees that all payments are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Force Majeure: Renter understand that Owner will not be held responsible for failure to provide event services due to emergencies, catastrophes, epidemic, pandemics, outbreaks, or interruptions of public utilities. Owner cannot be held responsible for power outages and problems beyond our control. Owner will allow you to reschedule if possible. Sometimes there are unforeseen problems that might not be resolved in time for your event however, we will do everything within reason to work through issues that may arise.

ACTS OF GOD: Renter understand that Owner will not be held responsible for Acts of God, natural disasters, including resulting damage to persons or property.

Venue Access and Use

The renter may not enter the venue prior to the contracted start time without the Owner's permission. Access to and use of the venue will be given to the Renter for agreed upon time slot. This time slot includes:
-event time
-clean up

Additional time can be requested in advanced, if available, for $125 per hour (for weekday rental--Monday thru Thursday) or $150 (for weekend rental--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  If Renter exceeds allotted time, charges will be assessed every 15 minutes and deducted from the security incidental deposit.

Renter agrees that event will end at the agreed upon time. The Renter agrees the venue and premises will be completely vacated at the agreed upon time.

Music must be contained within the space so as not to disturb neighbors of the facility.

Venue Cleaning 

Renter is required to clean venue and restore as it was found. All personal property, trash, and other items that were not present in the venue should be removed. A walkthrough and checklist will be conducted prior to start of scheduled event time.

Renter understands and agrees that a fee of $200 will be charged for breakdown and cleanup if not done by the Renter as stated above and will be deducted from the incidental security deposit.

Prohibited Items

Renter understands and agrees that the following items are prohibited to be used inside the venue under any circumstances:
-Tape of any kind on walls/doors/windows
-Any unauthorized adhesives on the walls/doors/windows
-Smoking of any kind (cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, etc)
-Recreational drugs
-Liquor or alcoholic beverages of any kind (without a licensed and insured bartender)
-Any items that use fire


Renter understands that all items furnished by CAD Luxury Event Venue, LLC remain the property of CAD Luxury Event Venue, LLC, This includes, but not limited to, tables, chairs, table covers, chair covers, linens, stands, pedestals, and any other fixture properly used to execute your event. Personalized items with event day and/or names will be turned over to the Renter or their authorized representative at the end of the event.

Renter understands that they are responsible for the cost of replacement for any damages made to any inventory or properties belonging to CAD Luxury Event Venue, LLC that are provided for use at the event done in negligence of the Renter and/or guest of Renter.

Confidentiality Agreement 

Renter understands that no part of any Owner proposals is authorized or intended by Owner to be copied, reproduced or in any other way used or otherwise disseminated in any form to any person or entity, unless said person or entity has a license to do so.

All unauthorized use of ideas, inspirations, and/or images from the Owner's proposal shall constitute intentional infringement(s) of the Owner's intellectual property and shall further constitute a violation of our trademarks, copyrights, and other rights.


Renter agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for and hold Owner harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, suits, proceedings, penalties, expenses, or other liabilities including attorney fees and court costs, arising out of or resulting from the performance of this contract, regardless of the basis (except for gross negligence on the part of the Owner).


Renter and Owner agree now, during and after the culmination of the event, not to disparage or defame Owner in any respect or to make any derogatory comments, whether written or oral, regarding Owner or any of its current or former staff members, contracting parties, it's business or operations.

Promotional Rights 

Renter hereby grants Owner the limited perpetual right to use, publish, and exhibit, on the internet, social media sites, and in other publications, any digital images or photographs of the Renter taken at the event and details of the event, solely to promote the Owner's business.

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